December 08, 2015

heartbreak and heartache

can anyone tell me the difference between this two words?

because for me,
it hurts a lot..

June 08, 2015


There are time when no one can understand me but Him...

I have a day when I'm totally break into small pieces.
Your words won't heal this feeling.
Nothing can comfort me.
Literally nothing.

Don't compare what I feel with what you've been through.
I can't walk in your shoes nor did you.
So please..

May 16, 2015

untuk seorang dia

Aku tak mencari.
Aku menunggu
Aku menunggu yang mencari aku.

Nobody know about you
I'll rather keep it inside
It's not a big deal
Just, I prefer not to tell anyone

I knew about you before we met
Before we knew each other
Before our eyes look at each other
Before everything else

To you,
Don't worry, I will  not let this continue

April 26, 2015

the regret

I regret opening up to some people ; they didn't deserve to know me like that.

April 05, 2015

Of settling down

Hurm.. how do i start?

to settle down for me...

it's not easy
it's a one time thing
it's big
it's crucial
it's everything.


March 30, 2015


You may not satisfy each and every soul
You may not become what they want you to be
You may just be YOU

It's hurt sometimes
But you can only be YOU

Just be YOU!

March 26, 2015

remembering you

I may not be the best daughter during your lifetime, but I'll struggle to be better Abah. 

Remembering you is easy that make my heart still hurt.
Hurt from not be able to be with you.
You that always surprise me with your gift.
Gift that no one can heal.

I Love You Abah. 

Will always do.

May Allah forgive you and all of our sins. May HE grants you Jannah for every deeds that you do.

Thanks to you and Mak for raising me for who I am today. 


March 18, 2015

of being love

You don’t know love until you know of Allah’s Love. You think love is a feeling, that love is butterflies, that love comes from attraction, that love can be broken, you think there can be an absence of love. How then do you know of Allah’s love? That the Creator has fashioned you, then He clothed you, then He sustained you, then He gave you, then He raised you, then He forgave you, then He brought you closer, then He smiled upon you. There was never a moment that Allah did not love you. How many times did you turn away, yet never once did the Creator turn away from you. How many times did you disobey Him, yet never once did He withhold His Sustenance from reaching your plate. How many times did you ask of Him, never once has He asked of you anything that He has created. How then, can we claim to love and to know what love is, when we have not even understood the magnitude of our Creator’s Love?