June 30, 2016


You know, time cannot measure how you love someone,
heart does.

Maybe it's bullshit for you think why am I so frustrated after you left.

Have you forgot,
I told you why I was scared?
Once I've commits, I'll never stop.

I'm hard to be love.
And I've never been loved by someone,
and honestly, I dont't know what to do.

I wish my heart was like yours.
So that I can just throw everything when things doesn't work out.
And how I wish I can turn back time..
But things happened as it supposed to be.

You'll always in my heart.

And damn it's fucking hard to just let it go.

June 21, 2016


I choose you not because of your looks, status or all that matters.
I choose you because I want too.

You are the first ever to bring out the best in me.
You give me hope.
You love me for who I am.
Despite the fact that, I am nothing..

I never think of falling for you this hard.
This deep.

And I am so grateful for having you in my life.


Sometimes, you have to let go.

Not because I don't love you or don't want you anymore.

Because I don't think I deserve this.
Deserve you,.